Last stage and welcome in cologne

6th of June 2015 Cologne my home in germany

Pictures and video you find here:

Bitter-sweet final

14th of March 2015 Montevideo in Uruguay

The last stage in latin america you find here...

Back up north

22nd of Febuary 2015, El Bolsón in Argentina

Klick here for Chile and Argentina...

I made it!

1st of febuary 2015, Ushuaia at the end of the world

The end of the world and the final coutdown you find HERE!

Ruta 40

27th of January 2015, Rio Galleros in Argentina

Ruta 40 you find here...

Back in Argentina

11th of January 2015, Bariloche in Argentina

Pampa and andes you see here...


11th of January 2015, Briloche in Argentina

Christmas in Uruguay, you find here...

An Interview with me in Asunción...

It is in spanish aswell, and It is still not to learn spanish, but I think you will catch the flow...

I say now clear that I am not the owner of this interview. The rights and copyrights are in "Al Mango - programm 14" in Paraguay.

If you like to see the full video click: Here...

Countryside of Brazil

6th of January 2015, Pehuajó in Argentina

More vespaclubs and crazy landscape you find here...

Coast of Brazil

6th of January, already 2015, Pehuajó in Argentina

The coast you find HERE

Rio de Janeiro

19th of december 2014, Florianopolis is Brazil

Pics of Rio are here...

Mods and skins in Sao Paulo

10th of Decenber 2014 at the coast of Brazil

Culture of Vespa you find here...

Iguazú, lots water in the djungle

8th of december 2014, Santos in Brazil

Iguazufalls are here...


21st of November 2014, Iguazu in Brazil

Friendly people you find here...

North Argentina

21st of November 2014, Iguazu in Brazil

Salta and Chaco you find here...


6th of November 2014, Salta in Argentina

Vespa-callenge and offroad-shit you will find here...

Crazy Bolivia

3rd of November 2014, Salta in Argentina

Pictures are here...

To the big lake

17th of october 2014, La Paz in Bolivia

Deep in Peru

5th of october 2014, Arequipa in Peru

Pictures of Peru you find here...

On Traces of Incas

25th of september 2014, Julianca in Peru

Machu Picchu and my private incatrail you find here...

Here is a interview with me at the vespameeting in columbia

It is in spanish but not really good to learn spanish ;-)


Thanks to Vesparide! you will find this guys in youtube!

Climbing Up!

18th of September 2014 Cusco in Peru

The andes beautiful and lonly, you find HERE...

Oil on my hands

12th of September 2014 Lima in Peru

Vespaengine in parts and testing trip you find here...

Peru, how dry is that?!

26th of August 2014 Lima in Peru

Desert, sand and a brekdown...HERE...

Adios Ecuador

24th of August 2014 Lima in Peru

My last days in Ecuador you see here...

Galapagos the real Paradise

9th of August 2014, Quito in Ecuador

This awesome natural paradise you find here...

Amazonas-area, the green part of Ecuador

4th of August 2014, Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador

The green part of Ecuador you find here...

Ecuador - Hello Andes

18th of July, Baños in Ecuador

Equator and andes you find here...

Thanks colombia

2nd of July 2014, Ibarra in Ecuador

More of colombia you see here...

Traveling as a couple in colombia

10th of June 2014 Bogotá the capital of colombia

More is here...

Medellín to Bogotá

29th of May 2014, Tolú at the carribbeancoast of colombia

More here...

Lowlands of Colombia

17th of May 2014 San Agustín, Huila in Colombia

Something to see and something to feel...

From Centralamerica to Southamerica

29th of April 2014 Cartagena in Colombia

To read at the top, to see down below....Here...

Panama is beautiful

7th of April 2014, Porto Bello in Panama

Finally I found Internet, here the new shit...

Costa Rica - Pura Vida

6th of March 2014, Porto Viejo in Costa Rica

Here, you are right...

Nicaragua is on the right track

26th of Febuary 2014, San Jose Costa Rica

Nica, click here...

Honduras for me just transit

24th of February Cana in Costa Rica

Click here...

El Salvador wasn´t my country

24th of Feburary Cana, Costa Rica

Guatemala stays exciting

18th of Februrary 2014, León, Nicaragua

Experience of Guatemala...

Back to happy trails

9th of February 2014, Panajachel, Guatemala

See Guate here...

Sometimes it is not under control

7th of February 2014, Panajachel, Guatemala

A true storry of travelling...

Tikal to Coban

1st of February 2014, Antigua, Guatemala

Belize a special country

23rd of January, Isla de Flores, Guatemala

Bye bye and Adíos North America

16th of january, Belize, Placencia

My brother for a visit

5th of January, Tulúm, Quintana Roo, Mexico

From pacific ocean to the caribbean

4th of January 2014, Tulúm, Quintana Roo, Mexico

See more here...

Back to the pacific ocean

4th of January 2014, Tulúm, Quintana Roo, Mexico

It took a long time...but HERE...

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