The Project

What I did and what my plans are

I flew my Vespa out to Vancouver in Canada and followed one week later. I relaxed a couple of weeks at Vancouver Island and then headed the road. 

Took the Alaska-Highway, the Top-of-the-world Highway and finally the Dalton-Highway to the arctic circle and finally the arctic ocean aswell. I took some water from the arctic ocean and Im now delivering this water to the antarctic ocean to the tip of Argentina. I did a loop in Alaska and went down in Canada back to Vancouver where I crossed the border to the states. Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona brought me to Mexico. There I went southbound the Baja California, took a ferry to the mainland. Crossed the mountains in Mexico, from the pacific ocean to the caribbean and went to Belize. The northborder brought me in Guatemala, where I travelled slow back to the pacific ocean, crossed El Salvador and Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama there I spended a month and took a sailboat to the San Blas Islands and finally to Columbia.


I was two month in Colombia and traveled Ecuador aswell, I had two awesome diving-weeks in Galapagos and went to Peru where I need to put the engine apart, because I had a hole in the piston.

Went from Machu Picchu to the lake titicaca where I crossed the border to Bolivia. I crossed the saltdesert in Uyuni, Bolivia and  crossed the lagoon-road in the middle of nowhere to reach chile. I went to the north of Argentina, crossed Paraguay and Brazil aswell. Went to Sao Paulo and Rio. And went southbound at the coast of Brasil, crossed Uruguay went to Buenos Aires aswell and crossed Patagonia to reach the tip of Argentina. Tierra del fuego, the end of the world I reached end of January 2015 when I gave the water from the arctic in the antarctic.

I went up north, crossed south of Chile and went back north at the ruta 40 again.

I hope I will reach Montevideo in Uruguay in time because I will take a cargo-transport WITH my holy Vespa back to Europe. (Apparently 21 days on the ocean)

Travel-time will be in total more or less 22 month

Now im close to mar del plata in Argentina and did 69.000km what are 42.000miles.

This trip is awesome and definetly a big adventure and a quite imposant time in my life! And don´t verget life is for living :-)

If you like to see where I have been, please check...

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