• Single Seat (cutting down by myself)
  • Special carrier in the back with space for "Saperate Tank" 
  • Second carrier level an Front carrier
  • Frame carrier with 10l "seperate tank", cutting down the edge to reach the luggagebox
  • Luggagebox-frame from Vespa T5
  • Carrier on site panels (lambretta)
  • GPS holder
  • Drinkingbottle holder
  • 12v Socket with USB-Port
  • Lamp,- and Blinkergrills
  • Mudflap
  • Windscreen
  • Bitubo - shocks
  • Fine Airfilter (blue) in the caburator
  • second Airfilter under the seat

The engine ist PX 125ccm standart. We rebuild the engine changed all bearings, strings, gascets, clutchpads etc and builded up the engine again.

There are no modifications!

Metalbars for Mud and Snow

I have to put some washers between the break and the wheel when I´ll use them otherwhise the bar will hit the shock and clutchcover...

Bitubo in the front!

A handenjustable one for rear...